Deep V-Neck Short Sleeve Undershirt

Deep V-Neck Short Sleeve Undershirt


World renowned 100% Egyptian Cotton.

Modern tapered fit. True to size.

Designed to be worn under any long sleeve dress shirt, with the top 2 buttons undone.

Essential for both indoor & outdoor events.


- Light, knit fabric is optimally breathable, soft to the touch, & becomes increasingly softer with every wash. Effortlessly drapes over your body.

- Bright white in color & will resist fading following washes. Pre-shrunk & non-pilling. Made to last.

- Angular, deep v-neck & short sleeve design ensure your undershirt is invisible beneath short sleeve dress shirts with top 2 buttons undone.

- Sleeves are slightly trimmed to make certain your undershirt remains unseen. Torso is lengthened to keep your undershirt tucked in.

- Slim, threaded neckline collar prevents curling edges following washes.

- Crafted with attention to detail— including precision stitching, a water soluble label, & shoulder-to-shoulder neck tape.

Ideal for dual season Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer wear.

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