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Where are your partners located?

Aesthendo manufactures its fabric in Egypt, long distinguished for its luxurious textiles due to Egypt’s climate & uniquely fertile land within the Nile River Delta. Production is contained & overseen within Egypt to guarantee the authenticity of our cotton with certified partners—from seed to factory.


What makes Aesthendo different from other companies producing men's underwear?

Aesthendo is unique in that we specialize solely in high-end men's underclothing using only 100% Egyptian cotton. The vast majority of so-called "Egyptian cotton" on the market is fraudulent, often blended with lesser cotton while harnessing deceiving marketing tactics.

Of the global supply of cotton, approximately 1% comes from Egypt. Unfortunately, suppliers can label their products "Egyptian cotton," even if only a fraction of the cotton is from Egypt. Unless the label on the product states "100% Egyptian cotton," you are likely purchasing an inferior fabric blend.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal: "The Cotton Egypt Association, which licenses the trademark and certifies suppliers, estimates that 90% of products labeled ‘Egyptian cotton’ are fakes but such public rebukes for mislabeling are rare."

Aesthendo's promise is to always deliver an authentic, premier product that envelops simplicity, elegance, and class. 


What makes Egyptian cotton so special?

True Egyptian cotton has many distinct features that solidify it as the premier form of the textile:

- The length of famed Egyptian cotton fiber is often referred to as Extra Long Staple or Long Staple. Yet what truly gives Egyptian cotton fiber its zeal is a combination of uniformity, texture & density. This allows for the strongest & finest of yarns when knitting, weaving, or sewing the fabric.

- The unique characteristics of  Egyptian cotton fiber not only make its fabric more durable, but actually lead to increased softness with every wash. Its tight knits allow for increased fabric thread counts, breathability, & drape.

- Egyptian cotton also enjoys the ability to achieve optimal absorbency. Egyptian cotton's ability to absorb liquids gives its fabrics deeper, brighter, & more resistant colors.

Who is an Aesthendo man?

An Aesthendo man is a gentleman and a scholar, who also takes pride in being the best dressed in any room he steps in. While business professionals may benefit most from our product line, any handsomely dressed man who pays attention to detail will appreciate our design and approach. 


How often will new products be released?

We are focused on product development and consistently delivering an evolving line of options. To take advantage of pre-release access or to get involved in product testing, feel free to join our newsletter.