Aesthendo is an American fashion company headquartered in New York City specializing in luxury men's underwear. Focused on the design of comfortable, durable underwear for men, Aesthendo delivers a refined alternative to traditional underwear.


Our fabric is crafted with longevity in mind, made using only true 100% Egyptian cotton that becomes softer, silkier, and smoother with age. Our highly-absorbent fabric maintains its bright color after every wash. We believe that like all attire in a man's wardrobe, underwear should be a long-term investment.


Aesthendo takes pride in its commitment to social responsibility. We ensure that our partners act in accordance with the highest environmental & labor standards. We are committed to maintaining transparency with our partners, sustainable agricultural practices, minimizing water waste & pesticides, using water-based dyes, sustainable disposal of pollutants, & using only recycled packaging.